euroShell Single Fuel Card

Keeping you on the road

Whether your car or van fleets run on diesel or petrol, the purpose-designed euroShell Single card allows access to over 1025 strategically located Shell sites nationwide. With such an extensive network made visible by the highly familiar Shell brand, your drivers are never far away from one of our easily identifiable service stations.

At a glance

The euroShell Single Fuel Card gives you:

  • Simple, pump pricing policy
  • Access to 1025 sites
  • 39 motorway sites
  • Minimum spend £300 per month
  • Simple HMRC approved invoicing
  • Shell Fuelsave – better fuel economy at no extra cost

The Network

The euroShell Single Fleet card can be used at all Shell branded fuel stations in the UK. Shell sites are strategically located in major towns and cities as well has having excellent coverage on motorways and major A roads.

There are a variety of tools available to help you find fuel stations that accept the euroShell Single Fleet fuel card. These include:

  • Satnav Point of Interest files
  • Site directory booklets
  • Online mapping systems
  • Smartphone applications

Fuel Pricing

The euroShell Single Fleet fuel card operates a simple pump pricing policy. Shell fuel prices are typically around 1p per litre below national average so this card can offer businesses a consistently low price for fuel.

As there are no surcharges for fuel purchased at Shell stations, this card is ideal for companies with petrol vehicles.

Security & Administration

Shell has recently launched Chip & PIN across its entire network of fuel stations, further enhancing the security of its fuel cards. As with most fuel cards in the UK, each card can be embossed with a driver name or a vehicle registration number, restricting who can purchase fuel on the cards.

Administration of fuel expenses is made simple by the euroShell Single Fleet card. You will receive detailed invoices for all fuel expenditure broken down per transaction with detail around the type, amount, time and date of fuel purchased the cost of fuel and the VAT amount.

Shell Fuelsave

As a result of extensive research and development, Shell has created Shell Fuelsave diesel and petrol. Fuelsave is Shell’s regular fuel which it has have improved continuously to offer a minimum increase in fuel efficiency of 2% compared to other brands of fuel. The extra benefits of Shell fuel are second to none: not only does it save you money by increasing fuel efficiency, it is also much better for your engine.

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